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Ativan is the brand name for lorazepam which comes under the family of benzodiazepine drugs. This anti anxiety medication controls the symptoms of anxiety disorder, which is the troubling majority of the world’s population today. Anxiety occurs due to various reasons such as environmental factors, abuse of substance or brain chemistry. Brand Ativan helps to bring down the anxiety levels by creating a calming effect in the brain. The nerves in brain use neurotransmitters called Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) as messengers to communicate with each other. A person buying Ativan online should know the research which shows that Ativan works to enhance the effects that GABA produces in the brain.

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Ativan is a medication that can treat other conditions along with anxiety. Ativan is taken to lower the depression in people. The panic attacks that occur due to various factors can also be eliminated by taking Ativan. Generally, brand Ativan can be used along with other drugs to overcome the feelings of vomiting or sickness in the stomach which is usually a counter-effect of consuming another kind of medications. If people are suffering from withdrawal from alcohol, taking Ativan can aid them in providing comfort and calmness. The soothing effect of this medicine can be used in aggressive people to calm their nerves. Studies have reported that patients with seizures can use Ativan for their treatment. It is recommended to use the medication only for a short time typically 1- 2 weeks. Ativan brand comes in 2 dosages of 1mg and 2mg. Ativan dose is prescribed by the doctor based on the adaptive nature of the patient. Before taking Ativan following doctor’s instructions on dosing frequency is very vital as consuming this pill for a longer period of time, typically more than 4 weeks can cause dependency resulting in drug abuse. Usually, under medical care, the dosage of the medication is reduced gradually by carefully observing its effect on the patient. If you happen to miss a dose, please take Ativan as soon as you remember. If it is close to the time for next dosage continue with the next dosage by skipping the missed dose, as taking it again might cause over dosage of the medication. Although overdosing on Ativan is not fatal you should seek medical attention if overdosed or check on the leaflet inside the pack after buying it. However, by following the doctor’s instructions, Ativan is safe to use in many circumstances. Consult the doctor on a regular basis to make sure that the medication is not producing any adverse effects in the body.

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